Selling your property in Autumn

When we think about selling a property, we tend to lean on that it’s best to wait until spring or summer time as these seasons are the more favourable ones due to nicer weather and longer day times. Realistically, this is not always the case and vendors are required to sell properties in the colder periods. Here at Chequers we can help you sell your property all year round.


Why is Autumn a good time to sell?

There are pro’s and con’s to selling a property in each season but in Autumn you can use this time to the best of your advantage. Children are back to school so families do not have busy schedules like in the summer, Buyers want to move in before Christmas and the New Year.

There are con’s to selling in the Autumn such as darker/gloomy days, but we are here to help you keep your properties appeal on the market.


Brush away those fallen leaves!

Applicants aren’t there to just buy your house, they are purchasing the outdoor areas also! This means keeping the front and back of your property neat and tidy (even if this means sweeping those fallen leaves in the wind and rain). Putting on the porch lights if you have an evening viewing helps brighten the front of the property, welcoming the viewers to your home. Its a good idea to keep a list of tasks ready for your viewing:

Cut the grass, trim back the bushes, sweep up fallen leaves, tidy away any outside bins – keep up that curb appeal!


Brighten up the place.

As the days fall shorter and darker days become more frequent it is important to keep your property as bright and homey as possible. Adding lamps to darker corners will help make the rooms more cosy.

Light some candles (autumn scented ones are a great touch!) also, this can help give that cosy appeal.

Brightening up the property is even more important during the evening viewings so applicants can see as much as your property as possible to encourage that offer.


Embrace the Autumnal mood.

Make the most of getting out the fluffy blankets, Autumnal colours to bring the warmth into your property on the cold days.

Get the heating on so your viewers walk into your property to the warmth and homely space. But remember you don’t want the viewers to be put off with the property being too hot, so set the heating at a nice medium.

Add in those Autumnal themed flowers to a vase and add the touch of oranges and reds to your rooms.


Keeping your property tidy.

I know, its the time of year that you want to start pulling out the cupboards and making space for the kids new Christmas presents or swapping your summer clothes for your winter clothes. But it is important to show off the space in the property and not take up the room with clutter.

Before viewings, put the wellies and coats away neat and tidy and show off that storage space. Open the windows regularly to help keep the property ventilated. And should there be any musty bedrooms use a dehumidifier to help keep the moisture levels down.


If you are looking to market your property this upcoming Autumn contact the team at Chequers or book your free house valuation from a trusted independent estate agents.